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Sacred seed syllables are universal, primordial sounds in the Sanskrit and Tibetan alphabets. According to Buddhist philosophy, when they are spoken, their vibrations catalyze the unfolding of our innate wisdom and compassion. More ...

Ah - 30
40”h X 32”w
  Om Ah Hung - 60
40.5”h X 29.5”w
Ah with Three Ribbons
21”h X 15”w
  Ah with Blue Ribbon
21”h X 15”w
Sacred Seed Syllable Om
17.5”h X 17.5”w
  Sacred Seed Syllable Ah
17.5”h X 17.5”w
Sacred Seed Syllable Hung
17.5”h X 17.5”w
  Buddha with 15 Squares
38"h x 28"w

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