Working with handmade paper is a tactile, sensory experience. It is satisfying and pleasurable to gaze at the paper, manipulate the surface, build layers. I enjoy working with the fundamentals: color, shape, texture, pattern. I let my mental process relax when I work with the paper, and instead come from a place of instinct and intuition.

The images I create are both abstract and symbolic.  My abstract works are a play between form and color, placement and movement.  I strive for balance and relationship, and a subtle sense of harmony that comes from integrating all the elements in a cohesive, dynamic image.

My symbolic work is inspired by the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.  Embedded within some pieces are sacred seed syllables, which have the potency to awaken the mind through seeing, sound and vibration. According to the Buddha’s teachings, anyone who sees these primordial symbols is benefited by their purity and potency.  It is my wish that those who see them may enjoy the profound blessing that the sacred syllables proffer.



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