Images with Sacred Seed Syllables

Sacred seed syllables are universal, primordial sounds in the Sanskrit and Tibetan alphabets. According to Buddhist philosophy, when they are spoken, their vibrations catalyze the unfolding of our innate wisdom and compassion.

Much like plant seeds which blossom into beautiful flowers and fruit when watered, these virtuous seeds, with recitation, ultimately help one to develop love, kindness, open-heartedness, compassion and wisdom, which finally lead to enlightenment or Buddhahood. Each seed syllable germinates in a slightly different way, awakening different energies and actualizing different qualities.

   OM is the cosmic sound of the universe, symbolizing all of creation in its perfected form.  It corresponds to the crown chakra and represents the enlightened body of the Buddha.
  AH is a symbol of the fully awakened or “natural state” of mind, which is open, spacious and relaxed. It corresponds to the throat charka and represents the enlightened speech of the Buddha.
  HUNG (pronounced Hum) is the seed syllable of ultimate, indivisible truth and wisdom. It corresponds to the heart charka and represents the enlightened mind of the Buddha.

OM AH HUNG (pronounced Om-Ah-Hum) is a potent vocalization, representing the sublime essence of enlightened body, speech and mind. According to ancient Buddhist texts, reciting OM AH HUNG purifies obscurations arising from the three mental poisons of desire/attachment, aversion and ignorance and brings about spiritual blessings and accomplishments.  

Because of their universality, one need not be a Buddhist to benefit from these sounds.



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